Yann Tiersen.

yanntiersenmelissadex_03-750x380.jpg He is one of my favourite composers. Moreover, he is also one of the best contemporary composers in the world right now. He was born in Brest, France in 1970. He includes to his music generally piano, violin, accordion, xylophone, etc. He was also the composer of one of my favourite movies Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain(2001). His La Valse D’Amelie piece became very eminent. This piece was one of the nominations for Bafta award and Yann Tiersen received Cesar Award and World Soudtrack awards. In 2003, he also received best original film score award for the  Good Bye Lenin! film. Furthermore, his Comptine D’un Autre été , Le Mouin, La Dispute pieces are also popular and worth to listen. So, let’s take a breath, ladies and gentlemen, turn on Youtube and deep into Yann Tiersen’s magical world!

PS: I also recommend you to watch to Amelie film and one of my future posts will be related to this magnificent movie. 🙂



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