Terry Fox (1958-1981)

Terry Fox

Living many years is not important. The most important thing is how to live and how to contribute to the society, to the nation. Terry Fox is one of these examples. He had lived only 22 years but he had put behind following his tragic death his legacy with his fighting against cancer.

He was born in 1958 in Winnipeg, Canada. Even from his school times, he was a great thlete. He had an interest towards soccer, rugby, baseball and basketball when he was a child. Despite, he was small, he decided to continue to play basketball. After initial failures, in 12th grade he became the athlete of the year jointly with his closest friend Doug Alward.

Unfortunately, in 1977, Terry was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma(Bone cancer), his right leg had been amputated. The night before his amputation he had read an article about Dick Traum who is the first amputee to complete New York Marathon. This event inspired Terry and he also decided to join to one of the marathons in Prince George in 1979. Despite the fact that. he was last and very far from his closest competitor, his efforts were met with tears and applauds by other participants. After this marathon, Terry Fox decided to began his “Marathon of Hope” for raising awareness and money for cancer treatment as a purpose of charity. In 1980, he began to run his famous odyssey. His ultimate goal was to collect 1 dollar from 1 Canadian. He could run 143 days and 5373 kilometres. However, he had to stop marathon, because he again was diagnosed with cancer. In 1 February 1981, his dream realized. He was able to raise 24.17 million dollars which means he had raised one dollar from each Canadian( At that time Canadian population was about 24.1 million people). He was awarded with Order of Canada and Order of Dogwood. Unfortunately, treatments did not give any positive result and Terry Fox died in 28 June, 1981. After his death, every year Terry Fox Run takes place and also Terry Fox Foundation also operates for raising money for cancer research. Until today the have raised 700 million dollars for cancer research.Terry-Fox-quote

Terry Fox is a hero. His efforts, his challenges, his fighting spirit is a marvellous example of how to fight against problems and how to contribute to the society, to the nation and even to the world.





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