Amelia Earhart(1897-1937)Amelia Earhart in plane

Most of the children dream flying when they see birds flying from one part of the sky to another and this inspires children for reaching to the clouds and touch them. Human body cannot fly, but now people are able to travel very far distances through planes, jets, helicopters. Thanks to Wright brothers for the invention of the planes. Planes became quite widespread during 20th century. Mainly in the beginning of the 20th century most of the pilots were men. However, Amelia Earhart’s courage and determination inspired many future female pilots.

Today is the birthday day of Amelia. She was born in 1897.  When she was in her early 20s, her enthusiasm and love to the fluing and sky emerged and this love would never diminish in fact would increase gradually in her heart. In 1921, she had broke the female height record with her flight. And more and better record would accompany her…

In 1928, she was the first woman to travel Atlantic Ocean with plane. She was a traveler in this flight, but after 4 years she became the first woman to fly over Atlantic Ocean. She received the highest award for a civil The Distinguished Flying Cross.And she was the first woman to receive such an award. At this year she flied again over Atlantic Ocean and in 1935 her plane was in over Pasific Ocean and she was the first human to pass Pasific Ocean! It is quite extraordinary and a very unique case even an ordinary man( At that time male force were more dominant) cannot repeat Amelia’s actions!

However, she could not realize another breakthrough. She wanted to ravel the world through her plane. However, while flying several problems occured and also due to bad weather conditions, the communication between the base and Amelia had lost and then Amelia disappeared forever in nearly Howland Iceland, Pasific Ocean…

Amelia Earhart break lots of prejudices at that time. At that time, male were more dominat force and there was huge discrimination towards women. But Amelia’s actions was able to convince people that women can equally be as succesful as men in the sky. Thus, heroes like Amelia would definitely affect to the general mainstream ideas of the society and gradually women would be accepted as an equal force as men by time and this discrimination would be diminished significantly. She also became an inspiration source for the adventurers and she taught whole world that people need to follow their dreams and to go into for their adventures and realize their dreams, regardless of the circumstances and conditions.

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One thought on “Power of Women

  1. While reading these articles we do not reaaly imagine the struggle she had to endure for her goal. There must have been a lot of people who wanted to deter her from it. I can imagine that even jelaous females wished her failure. So many women can not endure braver females who are fighting for a more equal world. They have a kind of inferiority complex, and they would rather impede progress just to conceal their weakness.

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