Salvador Allende (1908-1973)Salvador Allende

In the 20th century, there was a big clash and Cold War between USSR and USA. This Cold War had massive negative impacts to lots of countries. We cannot argue that this Cold War directly affected to Allende and his country Chile at that time, however US’ policies against Chile during Allende’s presidency were reminiscent of what USA had  done to several of the leftist, communist countries. So, we can tell that Allende’s life, death can summarize actually what trends were going on in 2oth century.

Allende was born in 26 June, 1908. He was expelled from university due to his political activities initially, but then he could complete medicine faculty. In 1933, he created Communist Party in Chile. After a few years, he was appointed as Minister of Health. Moreover, he also worked as Senator befor being a president. After 3 unsuccesful elections, in his forth case he was appointed as the President of Chile. Salvadore Allende was the first Socialist president who was elected through open elections in Latin America. By the way, this news was acknowledged by US administration as a disaster, because USA did not want to see the spread of socialism across the world, because they already have a big and strong foe USSR.

Allende’s policies caused great dissent among several groups. Allende started Nationalization process of industries and collectivisation. Nationalization policy is a barrack of Free Trade and also Chile had massive copper resources and US companies had hoped for the expansion of these companies in Chile, but the reverse happened. Thus, USA also was one of the parties who were strictly opposing Allende’s policies.

Thus, crisis evolved. Allende could not create massive trade relationships with USSR which he had hoped for. Moreover, in 1973, Supreme Court of Chile had publicly expressed their dissent about the inability and incompetency of Allende’s government for enforcing law of the land. Furhermore, government was unable to control inflation in the country. And coup d`etat had followed. Allende’s right hand and one of the most trusted people army chief General Augusto Pinochet and his troops attacked to the presidential palace La Moneda. Some witnessers said that Allende was ready to fight against these rebellions with his AKA rifle. According to a scientific autopsy, he killed himself before rebels came next to him. Also, there is some rumor but it is little probability that he shot with his rifle and after that he was killed by soldiers like a warrior.

It is speculated and is very close to the truth that CIA had sponsored this coup detat but I cannot directly claim that withour official documents. From logical perspective, USA administration strongly hated Allende and they also did not want to see a Socialist country next to them, FIdel's Cuba was already "irritated" them who tried to protect his country from USA's interference to their internal and external affairs. Thus, it is possible that USA helped Chile in order to end the nationalisation process of the industries and follow their political and economical interests. ThenPinochet became the chief and the dictator of the country and ruled as a dictator until 1990.

I share last speech of Salvador Allende towards his nation in the midst of his coup d`etat. These were his last words towards Chilean people.



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