Political Sanctuary
I am going to talk mainly about political sanctuary. We are living in a more democratic world. Now lots of people can express their thoughts, their ideas through social networks, media, etc. Surely, not all of the people think in the same way. Therefore, the clashes of these ideas, debates and lots of discussions evolve. Between ordinary people these discussions usually happen in friendly environments. However, in authoritarian countries if anyone tries to criticize something about state’s policies, this person can face some punishment, prison, etc. In this case, sanctuary right can help these type of people to save them from unjust punishment. Therefore, people always have legal asylum right, and the people who just tell the truth and works honorly should not be let suppressed by authoritarian people not only states, but also it can be chiefs of companies. Meantime, also some criminals can utilize from this situation which should not be let.

Let’s give one example. Now one of the wanted journalists who caused lots of controversies and discussions through sharing official and secret documents of the several states, the chief of WikiLeaks Julian Assange lives in the Embassy of Ecuador, London.  If he goes away from here, he will be arrested immediately. He secured political sanctuary from Ecuador. In other words, Ecuador granted him asylum.

File photo of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange speaking to the media outside the Ecuador embassy in west London
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange speaks to the media outside the Ecuador embassy in west London in this file photo taken on August 19, 2012. REUTERS/Olivia Harris

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