Elusive, misteries.
Do you know history of real Eldoraro, or Atlantis? If no( Of course no, let’s take a look in this article, I don’t know either, by the way)

Let’s look to history. Imagine people, for first people of this beautful Earth, even fire was elusive. They did not know how to create a fire in order to get some heat from it. But by time they discovered it. Then we need to move faster towards Medieval period. Even until that period people even did not know Earth has rounded shape, rather than steep or quadratic form. Astronauts began to search for it and analyze this situation and came to a very new conclusion which refuted the older version. People at that time did not about Australia, Antarctica, America in fact. So, not only galaxy was elusive to the people, but also the Earth itself! Kopernicus also stated that Earth was not at the center of the universe, in fact! And then Scientific Revolution, Enlightment period, Industrialization everything began to develop rapidly. australasia

People only began to travel to the space after 1962. USSR astronaut Gagarin was the first person to go out of the Earth and into the space. Then, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin had travelled to the Moon in 1969. That’s all, ladies and gentlemen! We even cannot travel to the planets of our galacticos. Even Mars or Venus which are closer! Also, we need to take into consideration that besides our galacticos, there are lots of galacticos, countless stars, planets, satellites( I mean natural ones)! So, our galaxy is so elusive!

Andromeda_Galaxy_(with_h-alpha).jpgWe don’t know our body completely yet. There are several illnesses, viruses which cannot be treated always. Cancer takes lots of lives every year. Medics cannot find the special and exact treatment of this bloody disease. Even our inside organism is elusive to us. 🙂

There are lots of species of the animals, plants. Despite, lots of researchs, this evolution always is continuing and even today we can find several species of plants and animals which are unfamiliar to us.

What about geography? Can we control earthquakes, volcanos, hurricanes? No, it is impossible, even to predict the exact time of earthquakes in order to inform people. Thus, people are always trying to be as ready as possible to these natural terrible process, but unfortunately, it is not enough always.

Again history. Politicans, chiefs ordered their historians to write history in a way that usually favors them. How can we believe to the stones, or archaeological excavations? We are believing, but always we should have some doubts actually what happened in the past. So, even the past is mistery to us and elusive. Future is also. Whatever we create a mathematically fantastic plan, there can be some future additions or subtractions of our do lists, because of the surprise problems, which we did not expect.

Certainly, people invented lots of devices, caused lots of revolutions and improved our livestyles by generations, significantly. But, humans began to live approximately fes millions year ago, but we cannot discover all of the secrets of the nature yet. Now people are studying, or working, or sittin in the ir comfortable homes, being on internet through their cell phones or computers and watching television which were not possible in the near past.But, I think, it seems complete impossible to identify every secret, to discover everything in our beautiful Earth and in our wonderful dark, stunning, glooming galaxy. This is eternity! So, our life is even today very, very, very elusive. Every part of our lives are surrounded with the secrets and hidden treasures and unidentified discoveries! 🙂 the-sphinx-at-gizacairo-in-egypt-with-the-pyramid-of-chephren-khafre-in-the-background

PS: Even today’s architects, historians don’t know accurately and exactly that how Egyptians were able to create these wonderful pyramids at that time. And where this type of disapperared? This is also elusive and mistery. 🙂


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