So, today I want to directly show what the crisis is. If you are following the world news daily, it will be enough for you to see what the crisis is. We can call crisis as the assimilation and collection of the little problems to the bigger and difficult ones. Today even politically and economically strongest countries are unable to provide stability to their citizens. Last week, several terror acts happened in Germany. France is exhausted of mourning of the terror attacks. After the WW2, the current situation is very complicated in every part of the world.

Developing countries are also in bad situation. Turkey are tired to experience lots of terror acts, even Coup D`Etat in their country. We should not forget that Turkey is one of the key countries in solving Middle East problems. Kurdish Terrorists ( PKK), IS are causing significant threat to Turkey. Afghanistan is in war for several decades. Irag is in constant war after Saddam Hussein’s execution. Leaders like Gaddafi and Mubarek was driven off from their presidencies of Libya and Egypt. Civil war continues in Syria. Asad still resists to the internal and external threats. In the Middle East, there are massive oil resources and big countries also would like to use these resources. Thus, the clash of the interests of lots of countries cause big problems and wars, terror attacks. 

After Brexit, economical framework also can change. There was a crisis already in 2008 which cause some of major banks such Lehmann Brothers’ collapse. Now Brexit can cause significant changes in tje prices of shares, investments, etc. It can also plummet the price of oil. Already without Brexit, Venesuela suffered from the decrease of oil prices.

Brexit is a trend against globalization. Globalization opened doors for immigration and extending friendship relationships in the paper at least, but now if other countries also leave EU what will happen, soon? Again populist ideas, invasions?

 I have not talked about Karabakh, Osetiya and other problems which also require ultimate attention. So, there are lots of hot spots today. I hope that God will protect all of us from the WW3. I dont want this bloody war happen in this beautiful world.

So, this is crisis. Especially, political crisis. Now always crisis can cause severe ramifications,  but it is in our hands to impact to the world positivelt. Hopefully, we will go out of the crisis soon together. We have only one world. We came to this world in order to make herr more beautiful, to add something positive, to put beneficial impact on the history. Let’s protect our one and only Earth. There is no another Earth, ladies and gentlemen.


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