Are you ever lived tremble feeling when you feel the sound of wind near windows or feel the cool of the wind itself? 🙂 This is splendid. 

I want to talk about Khazri. Not about Sunderland player Wahbi Khazri by the way. 🙂 Khazri is a type of wind blows from north in Azerbaijan, Absheron Peninsula next to Caspian Sea. This peninsula is also located next to Azerbaijan capital Baku. Baku is the city of winds by the way. Thus, strong winds can be observed in Absheron. This region is located in subtropical climate zone and it is arid region. Thus, summer is quite hot there. This wind really makes life cool in Baku and Absheron it diminishes the impact of the heat here. Khazri brings the cool with it and makes life more palatable for the people.

Morever, as you feel the wind, the sand, the sun, the sea in this region you are feeling very relaxed and feeling like you are in paradise. Feeling wind in the face, touching sand with bare feets, looking to the sunset… Life is very beautiful. 🙂

Khazri is a potential souce for Wind Electric Stations. Khazri usually blows in this region and it can be used as alternative source if energy which will decrease the use of other electic stations which makes air dirty, but wind electric stations are clean and harmless to the nature. 

So, Khazri is a undistinguished part of Absheron Peninsula. When the heat rocks, people seek Khazri here and it will bring paradise in its cool. 🙂

I am going to end my post with a song. Enjoy both the song and wind, particularly Khazri. 🙂

Bob Dylan Blowin in wind 


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