Imagine a narrower quartel.2 or 3 families may live in the same house and there are lots of little homes and narrower paths among them. Certainly, usually poor people live in these circumstances. Rich people prefer to live in a more isolated way with only their family usually not in narrow and little houses but bigger and larger ones. But now compare the differences between these type of quartels. Usually, poor peolle will greet them in a more friendly way. They will share their bread, their water, their everything with one another. They will prefer to play with one another lots of gamed and share more time with another rather than watching their smartphones. These families will sit in the same table and they will share the good days and bad days together. They will help one another. They will be more honest one another. Their children will learn how to share even in strict circumstances. The real friendships will evolve and they will be pure, because the negative impact of addiction of excess money have not had impacted yet.Certainly, rich families’ quartel can create good friendships but it won’t be strong as first ones( Usually, not always of course) Maybe less luxury, more severe life will restrict their monetary happiness. But narrower paths, little houses will fulfill their moral happiness which cannot be bought with money. little things make our life beautfil. Love, happiness, friendships cannot be bought with money. 🙂 


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