Profound politician should act wisely and not always to be in several scandals.

Nowadays, one of the main news topics is related to US presidental election. Two candidates are going for presidency. One of them is businessman Donald Trump and another candidate is Hillary Clinton whosr husband Bill Clinton was president in past. Like in every elections, there are debates, several communication, heated speechs are going on. But there is one difference. Trump is acting in a very peculiar way. His words, actions caused several controversies. Just imagine he says Muslim should not enter to this contry temporarily because of terrorism. America itself is a contry of migration and migration was one of its basic fundamentals. Moreover, also this type of words comes from discrimination and even fascism. Then again controversy when his wife was said that plagiarised her speech from incumbent First Lady Michelle Obama. Then, his words against US Muslim Soldier’s family, harassments toward Clinton, favoring Russia and even calling them to hack Clinton’s mails. This is not normal. A person who wants to be a president should not make this type speechs. So, people, he is a businessman. How a businessman is going to run for presidency? It should not happen. Basically, for the increase general welfare of the society it is better people to do what they are doing best. Already a billionaire and close to 70s Trump is now running for presidency. Trump has three strong advantages:

1) He is a billionaire and has massive amount of money.

2) West is being hit by lots of “jihadist” attacks. Thus, making populist claims and delivering racist speechs touch people’s wounded senses and make them act emotionally and this causes them to support Trump.

3) He is very confident, despite several scandals, lots of criticism,  he is still standing very firm and continues to talk strangely. 

  So, I hope that American people won’t vote for contemporary racist person who discriminates people due to their religions. As Obama said he is unfit for presidency.


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