Grigori_Rasputin Grigori Rasputin.

Long beard, strange stance, terrible glance and horrible eyes! Probably, you have heard about Grigori Rasputin. Actually, he was a monk and mysterious apocalyptic according to some people before meeting with Tsar Nicholas II and his family. After that everythinh in Russian Empire would be decayed and caused dark and big chaos. His life is very interesting and unique that how a monk caused so lots of political turbulence inside the country. Lets dip into his life.

Grigori Efimovich Rasputin was born in 1870, in Siberia. He entered to the monk school when he was 18, but left there after a year in order to get married. He had three children, but in his early 20s, he had decided to leave his family and make pilgrimages to holy Christian places. He travelled to Greece and Middle East. Then after his wandering adventure, the wind of Saints Peterburg or Petrograd(At that time it was named like this) brought him here. He was called mystic and faith healer.

The big moment came. This moment neither changed Rasputin’s life completely also led to damage the reputation of Tsar Russian Empire. Tsar Nicholas II had only one son whose name was Alexis. Alexis was ill and he had severe bleeding once In 1803,. Rasputin gained reputation at that time and he was invited to heal him. He was able to treat him, except other doctors. He gained trust and respect of Tsar’s family. However, Rasputib was a drinker, womaniser. Thus, people  talked badly about Rasputin, however every time Tsar and his family protected him which was a fatal mistake. In 1914, Russia entered WW1. Rasputin warned Tsar that war would cause catastrophes in Russia. But he made his warning later the declaration of war, because at that time he was in hospital.

So, imagine that a monk who did not have any political experience became the advisor of Tsarisa. Then, because of Rasputin, several ministers were dismissed. Russia ented to politically turbulence and crisis and this crisis was deeper than previous one which happened in 1905. Rasputin claimed that if he was going to be killed, in 2 years, Tsar would also be killed.

Nikolay II      Tsar Nicholas II

Lots of people hated Rasputin due to his lascivious behaviour and increasing reputation and power. In 1914, there was an assassination attempt towards Rasputin. A peasant woman Khioniya Guseva tried to kill him with dagger. He was wounded but recovered. But the fate of assassination accompanied him. In december 29, 1916 he was killws bu Prince Felix Yusupov.

Prince_Felix_Yusupov  Prince Felix Yusupov had to leave his country when revolution happend and died in Paris in 1980.

Tsar and his family’s fate were terrible. Following the evolvement of Bolshevik Revolution in the February 1917, Tsar had to abdicate from the crown in the March 15. Romanov dynasty’s reign was over. In order protecting the new state from the rebellion which could have been led by Tsar, he and every member of his family had been killed in 17 July 1917.

So, Rasputin was right! Tsar had been killed after the murder of Rasputin before 2 year passed. So, Rasputin was a drinker and womanizer. But he was at the same time monk! Monk should not drink and involve in sexual activity as fas as I know. And this type of person was advisor of Tsarisa! So, the decay was invevitable following WW1 and 1905 Revolution, because Tsar’s and his dynasty’s credibility was damaged. Even, some rumours claimed that Tsarisa Alexandra Feodorovna was Rasputin’s lover!

Family of Tsar

Tsar Nicholas II, heir Alexis and entire family.

Peculiar, is not it? At that time, lots of people thought that Rasputin was the main reason for the decay of Russian Empire. So, I am repeating my question. Is Rasputin was a monk or devil?

This song is dedicated to Rasputin and it was performed by famous group Boney M.





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