Obsession is an inevitable part of our lives. All of us have obsession on something. Even love creates obsession on other people and can make us dependent on this person. Moreover, also we can observe our obsessions on some habits, or on things.  It is unavoidable, but we need to control ourselves in some extent. Drinking obsession, for example, deteriorates relationships, families and brings several illness to the person itself. Or, if one person spends most of his time with playing different games on computer, then this person loses his or her chance to travel our world and discover our world or contribute something positive to our society. But obsessions are unavoidable in some cases, because people are not robots and they have emotions, and usually rare people can hide their feelings and control obsessions completely among others.

But obsession can bring success. Especially, professionals of special fields can attain success if for example, they are fond of what they are doing and they are ready to give lots of their time and efforts on this field. Of coursem these people are sacrificing lots of things such as spending lots of leisure time with the family and friends. But for example, the legendary Russian pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva would not regret to lose these opportunities, because she had broken out 28 wordl recors, became first woman to jump over 5 metres(Outdoor record is 5.06 metres). Or US legendary swimmer Michael Phelps would be proud of his 22 Olympic Gold Medals and he would be proud of his swimming obsession!

Elena Isinbaeva Yelena Isinbayeva

Phelps Michael Phelps


Obsession creates something emotional resistance inside body on doing something. You are determined and only focused to do this regardless of lots of opportunity costs, You are only interested in doing this. Amelia Earhart was fond of planes. Then flying became her obsession and she broke out lots of records! Of course, we need to control obsession in some extent. Doing your job day and night can cause the weakening of the relationships inside family. Also severe obsession can cause personal damages related to mental, physical issues. Each person has some talent in some field. He or she needs to practice in order to be succesful in these fields. Practice is very important and it should not be severe obsession which can cause depression and other problems.içerik Ameli Earhart with US President Hoover

Also, obsession on bad habits is a very large and widespread problem. This has nothing to do with success and smoking, drinking and other type of bad obsessions are only bringing damage to human body. But obsessions on practical fields, jobs and professions are vital to some extent, always people need to control their feelings, their emotions, their obsessions for a much better life. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Obsession can bring success if you control it.

  1. Nobody should think that they can achieve anything special without obsession. Such a thorny road leads to success that something should give you pleasure while marching towards your aims. Furthermore, you can never be sure that your efforts will be rewarded at all. Cowardly, weak or jealous people always strive to deter the passionate from their goals and they mock them. However, without the obsessed, our civilisation would be less developed (and nature would be less destroyed).

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    1. Wow, such a deep perspective. The degree of obsession determines to how much extent people are strong, weak and passionate or not. i specifically agree with your last statement. All the scientific revolutions, inventions are probably results of being obsessed with their jobs and purposes.

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