Ferdinand Porsche(1875-1951)

356Porsche is one my most admired and favourite car companies. Infact, I am not a car aficionado entirely. From my childhood, I admired to classic Porsches and it is my dream to buy one of them in the future.

Now let’s dip into serious business after rough draft. Porsche is a German Car company which is located in Stuttgart, Germany. It was founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931. It is a succesful car company and is producing mainly sport cars. Moreover, today it is owned by Volkswagen Group. In 2015, the market share of Porsche was 0,48 %. And today Porsche’s share price is 47.20 euros, according to Bloomberg.com. Now I would like to talk about the person who established Porsche.

Ferdinand Porsche is one of the most famous car engineers. He was born in 3 September 1875, in Austria-Hungarian Empire. In 1898, he joined Jakob Lohner Company. This company began to produce automobiles in 1896. This event became a benchmark for Porsche’s life. In 1901, he created Lohner-Porsche Mixte-Hybrid. It was the first gasoline-electic hybrid vehicle. These vehicle were fast for that time and even broke some Austrian speed records. It had reached to 56 kilometres per hour. During WW1, he designed a rail road for train.In 1923, he joined to Daimler. After the merge of Daimler and Benz Porsche had the opportunity to work on Mercedes S and SSK projects. In 1931, he created Porsche.

In 1934, Nazi Germany leader Adolf Hitler ordered him to design first “People’s Car”. Thus, Ferdinand Porsche designed one of the most famous cars Volkswagen Beetle.

1938Beetle_jpg_1394037cl-8 Porsche’s Beetle

He was a member of Nazi Party and he participated in the creation of several military vehicles such as VK 4501, Tiger I, Tiger II, Elefant(Nicknamed Ferdinand), even V-1 flying bombs. Porsche was called Great German Engineer by Nazi Propaganda. He was awarded with War Merit Cross.

1104979_orig Porsche talking about Volkswagen Beetle to Adolf Hitler

After the defeat of Nazi Germany, Ferdinand Porsche was arrested for 20 months as a war criminal. After that he and his son Ferry Porsche returned to Stuttgart and began to restart all of their business.

Porsche had died in 1951, aged 75. Posthumously, he was inducted into International Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Definitely, he was one of the most prolific engineers in the 20th century. He founded a giant firm, he designed one of the famous car models of all time VW Beetle and even he was very prolific during WW2. We need to imagine that at that time the cars were not so popular as today, and it was difficult to create new designs, new vehicles, because the tech was not as advanced as current one. Porsche was a versatile engineer and Germany and motor world should be prouf of to have a genius engineer Ferdinand Porsche. His son also would be able to continue his father’s legacy and to create 356 model and his grandson first famous 911 model.

1937-ferdinand-ferry-copyright-porsche Ferdinand and his son Ferry Porsche

1949-butzi-piech-copyright-porsche Grandfather with his grandsons Ferdinand “Butzi”  Porsche(Designer of first 911) and Ferdinand Carl Piech(Former CEO and chairman of Volkswagen Group)

In my taste, I like the design of these cars. You feel the spirit of sport and classic, nostalgia inside the cars. It looks like elegant and you dream  to ride these vehicles in the lawn, inside nature, enjoying beautiful sky, forests. I am gonna to share some Porsche model pictures, hopefully, you will enjoy it. In one of my future posts, I would like also write about Henry Ford who also played a significant role in Auto-world.

automotorplex-pinehurst-2013-7   First 911speedster 356 Speedster


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