Yesterdar was a historic day for Colombian history. Colombian government was able finally to sign peace treatment with Farc( The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) group. Farc was a military rebel group which fought with government since 1964. 52 years this group fought. 52 years there was not peace in Colombia. Also before this a civil war happened which lasted a decade ago. So, several generations continually tasted the the sour tame of the war. Thus, it is a big political achievement for the Colombian government and president Juan Manuel Santos. Now Farc won’t continue its existence through army attacks, but through legal political activities._85717362_85717361

Colombian president J.M.Santos, Cuban president Raul Castro, Farc’s leader Timochenko.

Farc follows Leninist-Marxist approach and it is a left-wing group. It was created as a part of Colombian Communist Party. The one of the reasons for the creation of a group of FARC was that at that time there was vast unequality in Colombia. Furthermore, after La Violenca Period(Civil War 1948-1958) Colombian militians attacked to communist enclaves whoch led to the rising tensions. At that time, Colombia’s elite people had lots of soil, thus poor people had few. Therefore, there was a great discontent among the people and circumstances led to the creation of Farc. It was founded by Manuel Marulanda Velez(nom de guerre).

marulanda  Manuel Marulanda Velez (1930-2008)

But despite the fact that, Farc’s resistence methods were quite different than its aims. Farc dealt with kidnapping and terrorism. Farc gained money through getting ransoms for the kidnapped people and also illegal drug trafficking and other economic activities. It is clearly obvious that existence of such a group would bring only conflict to the country and the civil people suffered from these conflicts and illegal business. Approximately, 220000 people died during 52 years and approximately 5 million people were displaced._FARC  soldiers Farc’s soldiers

In the 21st century, however Farc began to lose its strength. The number of active fighters began to drop. Also, several leaders were killed or died including founder Manuel Maralanda(death by natural causes, heart attack). US and its CIA also helped to government with funding and other means. Venezuela leader Chavez and Cuba’s Raul Castro also wanted to intervene to this conflict in order to bring an end to the longest-lasting insurgency in the world.

The incumbent Colombian government and Farc began to negotiate peace talks in 2012. Finally, after 4 years, they came to conclusion and signed a treaty which led country also to a referendum later this year.

This is a victorious day for Colombia. Finally, the civilians will live a much safer life. It is very sad that Colombia was 58 years of last 64 years in civil war(Possible to consider this a “passive” civil war) and it led to the death at least 420000 people, 420000 hopes and their families suffered sadness, deep grief unfortunately…

But at least, current and future generations finally see the light of the peace. 🙂


Colombian people’s happiness and delight. 🙂

This is a video describes the situation of one Farc camp after the beginning of last peace talks, worthwhile to watch. 🙂


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