Probably, lots of the football fans associate Arsenal with the number 4. Annual injury problems, mistakes in transfer policies cannot let Arsenal to be a top team. In fact, Arsenal was a constant team in the last years. Arsenal always qualified for the Champions League, they always were considered one of the favourites who will challenge for the first places in the league and they always compete for passing to the advanced stages of Champions League under Wenger’s reign. Moreover, Arsenal always plays beautiful football which fans adore. In fact, everything began as a fairytale. Until 2004, Arsenal won 3 championship and in the last one Arsenal Β did not lose any game during the entire campaign which was a record and that season was called “Invincible”. However, after that in the mid of 2000s, there was a moneraty shortage in Arsenal, Arsenal spent lots of its cash for the construction of its new stadium Emirates, thus Arsenal could not keep his star players such as Vieira, Fabregas, Van Persie, Nasri gradually and had to sold them to other clubs. But they managed to go to the UCL final in 2006 but was defeated by Barcelona 1-2. After the construction of the new Emirates stadium, Arsenal did not have any major financial problem. Arsenal acquired world stars such as Ozil and Alexis and Arsene Wenger had enough money for the creation of a very strong squad. Arsenal finally ended its trophy draught in 2014 which lasted nearly 10 years under Wenger’s reign. Arsenal won two consecutive FA Cups in 2014 and 2015. So, it seemed that everything began to work. But unfortunately, Wenger made crucial mistakes in the transfer market. They brought only one player in 2015 summer who was an aged but legendary goalee Petr Cech. No major field transfer at all! But Arsenal’s opponents continued to strengthen their squad splashed cash to the star players in the transfer market, and as a result of it, in 2016 Arsenal was second, but again lost in 1/8 final in Champions League and did not win any trophy. For next summer transfer window, Arsenal spent some cash, but these transfers did not work enough well. Mustafi is a good transfer, Wenger did not give enough chance for Lucas Perez who scored 8 goals in 22 appearances and Granit Xhaka was a flop unfortunately( his cost is approximately 5 million pounds more than wonderful N’Golo Kante). Moreover, Cazorla was nearly out all season and Ramsey had serious injury problems. In fact, everything is the same like last seasons and even worse. Arsenal was demolished by Bayern in 1/8 final of UCL and they were defeated 6 times in their last 9 appearances. Wenger could not enforce his tactics and philosophy to his players anymore and Arsenal could not demonstate his best game and now it can be defeated by anyone in the league as last defeat to West Bromvich also showed this. Moreover, Arsenal academy could not produce world talents such as Fabregas, Van Persie as they did before. One of the graduates Alex Iwobi shone only in a few games and mainly was uncapable to put major impact on the matchs. Another problem is related to the contract issues issues of the star players Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. They have not had renewed their contracts which further escalates instability inside the team. Therefore, it is time for change and revolution in Arsenal. Arsene Wenger is a great coach, but current results show that he is not able to create and lead a top Arsenal team. Unfortunalte, a big era should end in Arsenal and everything from the scratch should be created. However, he will always be remembered by Arsenal fans as a legendary coach.

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8 thoughts on “Tick Tock, Tick Tock, time is for change in Arsenal.

    1. Which team did you support in England? Yes, Arsenal is good on preparing young players and giving them chances. Despite, i am a football aficionado, i did not know Mavididi, thanks for informing. )

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  1. I have read through some of your posts, spectacular approach to your writings, loving the style that you bring out your posts and the way that you compose your feelings and perspectives into it. Really love the theme that you have chosen for your blog to signify you. (MU fan here) Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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