As a young student i am in the quest of absolute reality and absolute truth if there is one. I am trying reading books, making searchs and looking TV to learn some new stories and international realities. Unfortunately, especially, recently i am witnessing strange and meaningless stories that covered in international media. In 2016, there was a big election in US and Republican Donald Trump won election over his fierce rival Democrat Hillary Clinton and it should have been over normally. But it is not. Now one of the headlines stories in the international media is related to the son of the US president Donald Trump Jr. strange meeting with Cremlin-linked lawyer(it is not certain whether Natalia Veselnitskaya. Rumours are about Donald Trump Jr. heard that Ms. Veselnitskaya had relevant information which can damage Hillary Clinton’s reputation. But it is rumour and not certain. Then it has been longly discussed whether Russia interfered to US election and had any collusion with Donald Trump during election period and it is estimated that Putin hates Hillary Clinton. This type of issues should be highlighted on the media after some certain arguments rather than hearing some rumours or speculations. A strong argument is always supported by relevant data and fact.

Cartoon_55Russia Putin

Also, Trump’s handshake issues, Ivanka Trump’s strange presence between world leaders’ photo instead of her father’s standing place during photo are covered and made people busy about that. This type of topics should not be taken too seriously, these news are reminiscent of magasine news, not headline news. For example, Iraqi army’s victory on Mosul is much important story thatn Trump’s strange stories but it is not highlighted as latter one.


FBI leader Comney was sacked when investigation about Russia’s interference on the US presidential election was going on. Eradication of Obamacare, ban on the entrance of Muslim countries to US which was repelled, then accepted after changes on the conditions. Trump had difficulties and barriers while implementing his plans and slowly destroying Obama’s heritage in the country as Obamacare was stopped. Trump also said he has a plan and he will destroy IS? Where is the plan? And still IS continues to operate and commit terror acts on Middle East and Europe.

Qatar is now sanctioned by his Arab brothers. It happened after the meeting of Donald Trump with Muslim Leaders of the countries. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and UAE tells Qatar supports terrorism and some very difficult conditions are put in front of Qatar, otherwise Qatar was going to be sanctioned and it would have tremendously bad effects. Al Jazeera should be stopped( Where is free media rights?!)  and Turkish military base should be eliminated and opposition of other Arab states cannot come and live in Qatar. These are some of the conditions Arab “Brothers” required from Qatar. Are these conditions directly sponsoring terrorism? I dont think so. Of course, US tells that Qatar should stop sponsoring terrorism. I am not telling that Qatar supports terrorism or not. I am interested in the timing of the events. This event happened after the meeting which i mentioned previously. Trump’s strange dance was highligted at the media, but behind the curtains, US began to sell its guns to Qatar during this process.

Trump’s tweets are another story. Sometimes you can see so strange and impulsive tweets from US leader such as harassing two journalists or whatever or attacking on Chelsea Clinton who is daughter of Bill and Hillary Clintons. This is really unexpected and Trump’s moves are very unexpected which can be deeply calculated by making people to be busy with these stories while disguising his other plans.

Another one – Mexican wall. Comeon, which country is going to accept a big wall to be built on its border forcibly and going to pay for it by legal means? It was notable looking into Mexicon President Enrique Pena Nieto’s face when Trump answered to the reporter yes Mexico is going to pay for wall.


It is very sad to witness very strange and unrelevant stories about one of the most leading and powerful leaders of current world US president Donald Trump. And one question goes on my mind. American supporters, who voted on Trump, are you regretting on voting to the unprofessional or too smart leader who rules and manipulates people with small and stupid stories while implementing his secret plans? Really, i am fed up seeing strange and stupid stories and news about Trump. Qatar and North Korea and Iran cases are important and we should pay more attention to these topics. We should remember that American interventions did not bring peace and harmony always as Vietnam and Irag case should be remembered, hopefully there should not be another Vietnam, Irag or Afghanistan during Trump’s presidency.

At the end, I will share some interesting videos about Trump. He is a caper politician it seems.




3 thoughts on “Strangest stories about US president ever.

  1. I, personally, did not vote for Donald Trump. There was too much about him that I just couldn’t stand behind. (There’s still too much I can’t stand behind) However, I do know plenty of people who did vote for him. They all seem to still stand behind him, and their choice in voting for him.

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      1. Honestly, I think in some cases, it was a matter of people just not wanting to vote for Hilary Clinton. Others didn’t want another real politician in office, so they were voting for “change.” And, now, I think they just don’t want to admit they may have been wrong in their choice.
        Believe me, Hilary Clinton was not my first choice either, but there was no way I could vote for Donald Trump.


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