Today we heard another awkward news from White House. Maybe Spicer shaked his hand firmly or did not give hand to Trump and that caused conflict. Ok, this was a joke. The Press Secretary of White House Sean Spicer resigned over the selection of Anthnony Scaramucci to be new communications director. Spenser fulfilled that duty partially. He strongly opposed to this selection and despite that Trump did not change his mind and appointed Scaramucci to this position. Probably, it was also a message to Spicer, he needs to go. That’s what Spicer did. He quitted.

It is quite surprising that many important people either resigned or were fired after Trump’s selection as the 45th president of US. This factor creates questions. It is normal that Trump wants to appoint the people whom he can trust, but the changes are happening very quickly and this can cause instability inside country. FBI director Jamey Comey was fired when the notorious investigation( Did Russia hack presidental election) was going on. Why? Was Trump guilty? Putin wanted not democrat Clinton to be president? These are unaswered questions on which investigations are going on. Then surprise meeting of Donald Trump Jr. and one Russian person who has Cremlin links appeared on the headlines.

Moreover, Trump could not enforce his social care plan and even Republicans are hesitating in the wipeout and elimination of ObamaCare.

Personally, despite being from a different party than his predecessor, new president should show some respect and continue some of his predecessor’s policies. Sudden transitions and huge transformations can cause instability inside the country from political and economic perspectives. During the election campaigns, Trump was busy about calling Obama a very bad president, using irrelevant and harsh words towards him and now he could not change a “Very Bad” president’s policies. Probably, he was not too bad and people loved him, was not it, mister Trump?

Trump talked he has a secret plan to destroy IS and even claimed Clinton and Obama were responsible for IS. 6 months passed, IS is still operating despite becoming weaker after losing Mosul to Iraq. So, i doubt whether he had a very big and comprehensive plan for destroying IS. More importantly, his travel to Arabia brought a crisis to Qatar…

So, people like Michael Flynn, Angella Reid, Patrick Kennedy and now Sean Spicer are not going to take a voyage in the same ship in which Trump is captain. Trump resisted until today and he is quite tough in his selections. But we will see in the future, whether he will stand against this pressure and opposition which will cause to change his erratic style or he will be succesful with dealing these problems. However, main question is that will America be greater again? Most importantly, is Trump going to damage the world like Lyndon Johnson, George Bush 43 or be a peaceful leader that follows overall peace? I hope that he wants second option, but i dont believe to it, unfortunately? Time will show and life goes on…

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