It has been quite a long time that I was not writing a new article here. Now I decided to make my comeback with one of the most controversial members of Royal Windsor House. I was watching a documentary about him, and his action for marrying the person whom he loved was quite fascinating and dramatic. He always had been in spotlight and had an extraordinary life. Most of the people would give up their loves for a higher title, however this person abdicated his throne for Wallis Simpson. It is an egoist action indeed, however, I was really impressed by his story.

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He was the eldest son of King George V and Queen Mary and he was born in 23 June 1892. He was named as Prince of Wales when he was 16. After the outbreak of WW1, Prince Edward participated in the war and he sometimes even fought in the front line. He was awarded with Military Cross due to his actions during the war.

As a prince, he was always in the spotlight and dealing and doing the royal stuff. By time, he became very popular, as he toured workingmen’s club, while enlisting more than 200000 people in the occupational schemes (Britannica). Despite the fact that he as very successful and popular as Prince of Wales, he sometimes wrote the dullness and exhaustion about his duties to his close surroundings.

His romance life put him more spotlight as well. During that time, it was not accepted with respect and dignity that The Royal Family’s members to have relationships with “Inappropriate” people such as divorcee or married women. Of course, this situation changed by time, as ill-fated relationship between incumbent Prince of Wales Charles and his wife Diana and Prince Charles’ second marriage with divorcee Camilla Parker Bowles are the signes of the flexibility by the Royal House of Windsor. However, at that time everything was different. Thus, Prince Edward began to resist to this rule, because his lover Wallis Simpson was a divorcee and she was a socialite in USA. It is also important to note that his brother Berty or George VI( father of Queen Elizabeth II) had some problems with health such as not able to speak very fluent, thus most of the responsibilities were on the shoulder of the Prince of Wales. His father George V was deeply concerned regarding the attitude of his son and once even stated to one of his close people that after his death his boy would ruin his life in 12 months. Indeed, George V became right in some sense. He died in 20th January of 1936 and subsequently his son Prince of Wales Edward was reigned as Edward VIII. Expectations were huge, as people loved their king from his youth times. However, his deep love and commitment towards Wallis Simpson led to constitutional crisis in Britain and as a result of it Edward VIII voluntarily abdicated from the throne in 10th of December at the same year 1936. It was a deep shock not only to his family, brother but to everyone. During the whole history of monarchy of Britain he is the only king who voluntary abdicated from the throne. His brother Albert or Berty as his close people called was reigned as George VI in honor of his father. Before his marriage to Queen Mother, Berty was also in the verge of breaking a code having a very close friendship with a married woman. After listening and being given incentives by his father, Berty stopped his relationship and his father gave him the title of Duke of York. Same family, same parents, but different sons and different actions.

After this abdication, Edwards’ title was changed to Duke of Windsor and he began to live in exile. He married Wallis Simpson on 3rd of Jule in 1937 in France. They continued to live in Europe and making visits to several countries, including Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler himself greeted ex-king and his wife and they were treated as highly respected guests. After the outbreak of the war, there were some rumors that Germans had the plan to use Duke of York as a manipulative weapon for taking control of Europe. There were some rumors that even his brorther George VI did not trust Edward on this matter. Therefore, famous prime minister of Britain Winston Churchill proposed a wise move which noted that Duke of Windsor was appointed as the Governor of Bahamas. After the war, Duke of Windsor and his wife continued to live abroad and became cafe society, living in luxury and comfort. The war tool its toll on George VI and his brother also died relatively early in 1952. After that her daughter Elizabeth was reigned as Elizabeth II and began to rule UK and its empire.
Rarely, Edward came back to his country, only in the funerals and other 1-2 cornerstone events. He became ill during the 1960s and died in 1972 aged only 77 in Paris. However, he was buried in Royal Burial Ground.

Definitely, he was a controversional figure. However, it is unbelievable to observe that nothing really can deter and stop real love. In a monetarily motivated world, this type of action is very rare. Throughout their lives, Edward and Wally stayed loyal to each other and loved so much. Unfortunately, their love became dramatic, and it was quite strong that even the reign and constitution of Great Britain cannot stop real love. Now after their deaths, both lie next to other peacefully in Royal Burial Ground.



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